Our Mission

Improving the lives of children with limb loss both domestic and international, by strengthening the amputee community and providing pediatric prosthetic care to all.

About Us

The Limb Kind Foundation was created from the vision of our Founder, Robert Schulman, that all children shall be given the same opportunity to walk with 2 limbs and be functional with 2 arms and hands. Whether it is here in the US or in a third world country riddled with poverty, Prosthetic technology should be offered to those children in need. The Limb Kind Foundation strives to improve the lives of children with limb loss so they go on to live healthy and productive lives. We are comprised of an altruistic group of Prosthetists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Amputees, and other caring persons with the same mission.


Executive Director and Founder

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Board Members

Tony Iovino
Theophile Kerolle
James Vignola
Greg Schaefer
Anthonicar Exavier
Keith Loop
Mary Leighton
Anthony D'Esposito
Robert Rodriguez


Project Extra
Logan Passe

Get Involved

  The Limb Kind Foundation helps children with limb loss regain their motivation and determination by providing Prostheses free of charge! Providing a child a prosthesis doesn't just change that one life, but it alters the future of many lives. Help support the Limb Kind Foundation, so more children with limb loss all over the world receive prostheses.