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What Happens When Students Go 'Out On a Limb' for Charity

What Happens When Students Go 'Out On a Limb' for Charity

December 14, 2022


March 2018

By Starr Sackstein on March 13, 2018 5:00 AM
Guest post by Angela Abend

Oceanside, N.Y.'s PROJECT EXTRA 6th graders from all six elementary schools came together to raise awareness and funds for the "Out On a Limb" Foundation in this year's charity event, "I Am Peace." The students were inspired by the book "I Am Peace", written by Susan Verde and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds.

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This beautiful story not only focuses on the importance of mindfulness in an often chaotic world but also challenges children to become instruments of peace in order to create change. The children in Oceanside's PROJECT EXTRA program proudly accepted this challenge and successfully created their own "I Am Peace" movement!

The mission of their chosen charity, "Out on a Limb," is to improve the lives of children with limb loss both domestically and internationally, by strengthening the amputee community, and providing pediatric prosthetic care for all. Many PROJECT EXTRA classes were given the opportunity to speak with its founder, Oceanside's own, Robert Schulman, and learned even more about the vision of "Out On A Limb." Read rest of article....