Prosthetic Group

Help us build the Limb Kind Prosthetic Center, the first "kids only" Prosthetic facility!

The center will house a state of the art, technologically advanced lab and gym, geared for Pediatric Prosthetic Technology and Rehab. Most children with limb loss use Prosthetic facilities that are for all ages; not specializing in the issues that only children with limb loss encounter. Healthcare changes have made the Prosthetic industry alter what type of Prosthetic technology and how often amputees receive prostheses. Unfortunately children with limb loss do not receive the prosthetic device they deserve and wear something that doesn't fit anymore or is inappropriate. At the Limb Kind Center, "out of pocket expenses" are not a responsibility to the child's family. Physical and Occupational Therapists are on staff, to ensure all members of the team work together and as a team.

Be an integral part of building this amazing center, and "Buy a Brick".


No "Out of Pocket" Expenses

Often, children with limb loss receive prosthetic care depending on insurance restrictions and cost issues. Healthcare is changing rapidly, and many insurance companies are requiring heavy "out of pocket expenses". Deductibles, Co-Insurance, and other portions of the final bill that are the responsibility of the family are becoming more common in our healthcare environment. As Prosthetic technology makes great advances to improve the lives of the amputee, the cost of the devices naturally rises. Children grow at an incredibly rapid rate, making it necessary to change prosthetic parts and supplies quite often. This makes it difficult to obtain all of the needed prosthetic care without draining the wallets of the childs family. The Limb Kind Foundation believes that every child should receive the best and most appropriate prosthesis, regardless of cost. No family should have to worry about the expenses of a costly prosthesis. At the future Limb Kind Prosthetic Center, insurance is excepted, and any out of pocket expenses are covered by the Limb Kind Foundation.

Clinical Team Approach

A full team approach will be taken at the Limb Kind Prosthetic Center, as all necessary members of the clinical team will be present at the facility; including Prosthetists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physiatrists, and other healthcare professionals relevant to the Prosthetic care of the child. All members of the clinical team will be trained and educated in Prosthetic technology, giving the child the best possible outcome in functioning properly with the prosthesis.


Strengthen the Amputee Community

Having a community setting will give all children a sense of belonging at the Limb Kind Prosthetic Center. Outings, groups, and different programs will be a common occurrence at the center, giving the proper support to our children.