May 6, 2019 | by admin

When Anton was born without a leg, his parents weren't able to see a prosthetist. His family resorted to assisting him with everyday basic tasks due to his limb loss. Haiti’s economy is unstable, and for the people who live there, it’s an everyday struggle to find work, food, and stability in the rubble and rough country terrain. Anton and his family live in the perpetual aftermath of a series of natural disasters that struck Haiti. Aton made his first trip to Limb Kind at 8 years old, where he received free prostheses and pediatric prosthetic care. In early February 2019, Long Island-based prosthetist and founder of Limb Kind Robert Schulman made his fifth humanitarian aid trip to Haiti to engineer and build free prostheses and provide pediatric prosthetic care to children who suffer limb loss. In previous years he travelled alone. For this trip, he handpicked a team of eight volunteers, including resident prosthetists and amputee mentors, to join him. The team worked from their base at the prosthetic clinic on the Mission of Hope campus grounds in Titanyen, Haiti. They traveled from all over the country with one goal in mind: to provide relief, free prostheses, and guidance for the children like Anton who suffered limb loss, and to provide support and prosthetic care information for families and communities. You can help children like Antone by becoming a monthly Limb Kind donor. Please donate today.