Titanyen, Haiti


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Limb Kind has helped
children in Haiti since


Children that received prostheses
from Limb Kind in Haiti


This is where Limb Kind all started; when our Founder Robert Schulman would travel to Haiti every year to provide free prostheses to children with limb loss there after the 2010 earthquake.  Based in Titanyen, Mission of Hope is where we travel to provide all of the prostheses. On the very last night of our first trip to Haiti as Limb Kind, we were hurried out in the middle of the night and rushed to the airport due to heavy civil unrest. That week was the last time that missionary trips were allowed to travel to Haiti to help out.  For the past few years, the violence and civil unrest has been too dangerous for anyone to enter and attempt to help.  Hopefully one day, peace will come to Haiti, and we will be able to return safely and continue our mission there.

Photo Credits: Mattie Simas

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